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..."It's fascinating to see how the old medieval town; Hamar Kaupangen is growing up again, in a reconstructed environment. Models and reconstructions from Senit Art are quite realistic. Several times I feel I have to reconsider some of my conseptions about specific details of this medieval marked town, and that I will be forced to think again. That's good"!  (Tor Sæther, conservator, Hedmarkmuseet Domkirkeodden)
..."Our sincere opinion is that Senit Art can make exactly what we want, combined with an extra touch that signs a creative and professional hand. We don't hesitate to recommend their expertise to museums and others, who wants models, enviroments and installations that can put ife into a theme"   (Vigdis Wolden, former exhibition leader, Norsk Jernbanemueum)

      Senit Art have had the pleasure to create stunning models for several leading museums in Norway

The beautiful medieval cathedral in Hamar was shot on fire by the Swedish armies during the 7-Year War, in 1567 - shortly after the Reformation.
The reconstruction that
Senit Art built, on a mission for Hedmarkmuseet Domkirkeodden, would recreate the church as it most likely looked in the middle of the 1400s - in Romanesque - Gothic style, texture of lime  plastered stone inside and out, and with access through parts of the wall to the magnificent building interior.
Medieval churches were often richly decorated inside. We don't know exactly how the Hamar Cathedral was adorned, and the interior is therefor made neutral white.
The finished model was installed in the hart of the church ruins, spring 2012.

Reconstructions that leads you into an atmosphere of reality

Likelyhood, the Bishop Castle in Hamar must have appeared like this, the last hundred years of its existence. The castle was built in the early 1200s, and was the main residence of the Bishop. It was built in several steps, until the final end during the Reformation and then slowly went into ruins.

          Senit Art Design

Senit Art has developed a quite new design for tombstones.
Exclusive stained glass are handmade in 
our studio, and integrated into our design- monuments, produced in one of the largest stonecutter companies in the country.
You can choose between different types of stained glass we already have made - or we make glass according to your wishes.
Pay contact - either with us, or directly
with the stonecutter company


  Modern stained glass from Senit Art - Innovative and traditional forms

    STAINED GLASS - some of the most beautiful art created by man. Produced at all time, since the Gotic in the 12th century.
As one of a few workshop that can handle this kind of work, Senit Art makes exclusive stained glass in tiffany and lead-profile technique, for windows, decorations and sculptures. 
Our stained glass are made by hand, one by one. Every single piece is cut and fit together. At tiffany technique they are in add foiled with copper before soldering. The old classic way was lead profiles in the connecting lines, and this technique we still use in larger works. Stained glass is deeply rooted in traditions. The injurious to health connected to the lead is today completely eliminated.
Lead metal can be dangerous. Especial old lead metal. But stained glass from Senit Art are sealed up between two pieces of special clear glass, in such a way that any contact with the lead is quite impossible. 
With this simple, but all the same unique technique, our artistic glass gets properties like a modern window too, according to strength and insulation, without any deterioration of the quality of the stained glass.
                                 Stained Glass and Glassart
                      Senit Arts stained glass - For windows, decorations and freestanding sculptures

Senit Art creates all kind of models - from landscape and dioramas, to miniatures - from architecture- and technical models, to replicas and scenic props.
Fine, natural models has fascinated every one - of all ages - at all times. Undoubtedly, the model is the most informative medium in dissemination.

Clients have praised Senit Art for excellent model work and highest class of quality. We work with a high range of materials – steel, brass, wood, polyuretan, pvc, akrylic, MDF, plaster… 

Whether its larger, complex system, or small
technical "gadgets"  - 
its the details that count.


Undoubtedly, the model is the most informative medium in dissemination

                                        Costume Making
                                           Arts & Crafts
                Dolls and Puppets
     Family childrens book and puppet film project
        (Guardians of the bear)
.."Deep down in the ground, in a dark hole, some small creatures were living. They were covered in hoods and grey colored robes, wowen of coarse spun wolf shagg, and wasn't taller then they easily could stand upright under a mushroom, almost in size of a blackbird"...

Senit Art - Creative solutions for Museums, Exhibitions, Art and Stage


More than 30 years working with fine arts,
antiques and modelmaking, has
provided invaluable knowledge
about aestetics, materials and techniques.
In a studio of art those qualities are 
irreplaceable, and the basic fundament
for Senit Arts production.

As well as the practical experience, equally importanse is
visual art dissemination, different kind of 
artcrafts, history of art, and 
glass-art studiopractise - educations 
from college and universities.

But above all, its the enthusiasm and
the passion for the work that characterizise
Senit Arts products



           when Aestetic, Quality and Details are important...

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